Monday, May 2, 2011

Drop Dead Gorgeous..!

My heart stop ..... just thinking about my own standard wedding dress compared to these girls.... they made it, the unforgettable wedding dress that stuck in my head and i believed also in the head of their guest on the w-day.... owh this is what i love the most, THE STATEMENT DRESS ON THE W-DAY....! but mine just a simple and frequently see in public nowadays, no...nothing extraordinary like these girls, simplicity and new fresh idea is what i observed here and i want it too but it is impossible, it is 45days before my real wedding...shedding tear...sob sob sob....T__T

Dear darling here is my piece of advise, ur w-day dress must be fabulous ok..! no matter what....! remember that...don't trade it with anything else...haha

credit: Udey
cantik weih.....part skirt tu very dreamy...!!!
i always love layers skirt....and this is one of the beautiful design...!

Below pic credit to Fad Manaf

Syomir Izwa done this, he never fail to impress me, the drape of chiffon, owh so flowy, give a calm feeling....!

I love her kurung modern, a with a bit chiffon twist like u go a beautiful w-day dress .... love love love

The headgear is different from usual...=)

Look how gorgeous of her make-up...she is beautiful indeed...!

click PICS to enlarge the image..!

Owh God...i love their dress, they r so beautiful on their w-day...and i'm afraid i wouldn't be, owh pls stay away the dress disaster from me..! plz

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