Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Looking For a Baby Name Please...

I'm in 2nd trimester and feeling like ermmm maybe to early to find the perfect baby name but to be truth i have no idea at all...

I did asked Mummy Aimi which is my fren who recently delivered to a handsome baby boy MIR AYDIN in June...her baby name is very simple and meaningful.....i asked her where to get the variety of baby name....so she gave me some web to refer

Some of the website provided muslim baby name that i'm refering to:



But i don't have any preference so far. And ya i have few for baby girl name but feeling dizzy-dizzy for baby boy name....haiyaaah manyak susah wooo....

boy name

1.  but still not sure....


baby girl


Haha....so i'm having more baby girl name in here....sian baby boy

Peeps just give me a suggestion of any web that i can refer or book or any meaningful name that you know...think that i have to crack my head in this few months....!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Strugles to Work

I hate monday...! The fact that i do not have passion for this work anymore....wondering if being a housewife could multiple my earn in the bank....suddenly feeling like why would women suffer to go to work this much....???? haha.... Should we stay at home and browsing the net how to bake a scrumptious desert for a deserve hubby instead of serving the engineering solution for unpleasant people out there.....Arghhhh

Monday blues biting again... Ready to work? No

I shouldn't pick a blue sock to compliment my monday blues....huh

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Syawal 2012

Salam aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin....been bz...x sempat nak wish awal2....i hope everyone enjoy ur raya....i went to celebrate at in parent in law house in Langkawi...sedih plak bila ingat raya di rumah parent sendiri...tapi PIL actually my new parent .... So kena adil la kan... Tapi raya kedua dah caboot balik kg i...hoho....

Ok 2 keping gambar raya untuk tatapan mana tahunada yg rindu menjengah blog nih....