Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sticky Post: The Poplook Items For Sale

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Mari-mari adik manis...kakak jumbo this name is due to my kelebaran nak buat sale ni...i have POPLOOK items to let go at a good price...reason to let go coz some too small for me, some coz the length is quite short for me...hubby said that maybe if i'm dieting my lemak2 dekat shoulder can be shed so that baju tu akan jadi labuh ngan i after dah x da lemak....well said hubby..! anyway if interested you can contact me:

email subject : POPLOOK ITEM
Item code
Your Name
Your Address
Phone No

Reservation only for 2 days

Price exclusive postage.Pls add RM6 for postage

All items are new and never worn

Example for other color from POPLOOK

 PL -1 RM30
Fits UK size: 6 - 12 (SOLD)

PL-2 RM25
 Fits UK size: 6 - 10(SOLD)

PL-3 RM25
Fit UK 12 (SOLD)

PL-4 RM35
Fits UK size: 6 - 12 (SOLD)

Happy Shopping Dear..!


Anonymous said...

hi dear, 1st time here..i click ur url from lili's blog..why tak poslaju to poplook balik? half price tu u jual :) i did that few times...unless if u intention nak sedekah..hehe


brid3ofkayangan said...

hehe...dah x da tag dear, i dah buang konon nak pakai tapi end up x confident, x pe i saja kasi murah...hehe

Reen Tart Nenas said...

menciks tau ai dah beli yg PL3 tu kat poplook.

ezzamalik said...

ada lagi tak maxi dress dari poplook yg u nak let go.please email me:ezza.malik123@gmail.com.i do love them!
syg sgt xsempat beli );