Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today Phrase: A Marriage

He never fail to make me smile everyday, but never forgot to tease me and make me feel annoyed sometime..but yes i do love him to bit...lepas kahwen kita baru tahu perangai pasangan .. agreed or not....? for us we have been know more than 7 years but still sometime i rasa macam ...'owh ke suami haku...'

Case 1:

Baru2 ni suami ada bagi dia letak dalam purse i....and he said 'go and bank in to your bank acc...'

so i said 'ok....tgk esok sempat ke sket skang ni'

and of course i tak sempat nak bank in duit sebab balik kerja pun dah kul 10mlm....tiba2 dia tanya...'duit dah bank in kah belum..?'

i replied 'belum...'

and he said 'jangan songlap duit company...syg nak songlap duit company kot ni....?'

i was like 'hah...' *_0! - bila plak rumah tangga kami jadi company neh...!

Case 2:

He said: 'dah banyak kan appliances rumah kita...boleh masak kat rumah dah pasni....hmm saya rasa kena buat jadual la camni...'

me replied: 'jadual apa...'

He said: ' kena buat PM ni...Preventive maintenance...hmm awak bahagian process...saya bahagian maintenance...awak masak ke apa ka...saya maintain barang kot peti ais rosak ke, washing machine rosak kena buat service la...'

me said: 'hahhhhhh...!' - engineering sangat laki haku ni...!

I remembered my sista used to said that we are couple of 'skema' people, when two science people stay in a house mmg camni la akibatnya....! me of course less sceince sense...i hate math and physic...bluekk..!

We use to talk about what happen at work everyday but dont bring problem to home is forbbiden in marriage law..hehe, i do ask for his consultation on certain issue that i don't understand....he always know some sort of engineering thing that i believed it would be sleepy enough to study about.So he's my beloved living encyclopedia..hahaha

People always said that at early age of marriage is the wonderful moment and it will fade by time i dont care...just let me treasure this moment and getting to know him...hehe...never stop study your partner...once you feel nothing more to be treasure then your relationship are in danger...better off for rejuvenate session to renew your marriage passport....!

memories: they're made for smile

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