Friday, December 16, 2011

Forever Fav: My Pink Meja Pengantin

Baru terperasan picture ini dalam FB my friend....byk jugak yang dia sempat capture of our moment at meja saja2 jugak gatal tangan nak tepek pic kat forever love this meja beradab....simple and decorate by my bridemaid....mana i tak sayang derang...i just give rough idea like a week before the wedding...itu pun just thru email diaorang yang realisasikan...!

You might notice fresh flower that we used not in uniform color...but i just love it...we have constraint to get pink flowers at that they just use whatever we have....and it turns out ok....thanks to my bridemaid mS.Aimi for the square glass vase that she loan to was used once during her wedding and i'm just recycle it....!  me super love.... =)


What i love more is the paper was so pink on that just blend beautifully with the white canopy scallop... we bought it at Petaling Street Jalan Panggung/Panggong with really crazy cheap price....and they sell in many colors too...i bought in other color too and tied it at the guest canopy too....! bagi guest feeling perantin gitew...ehehe...!

Thanks to all my bridemaid for being really helpful...without them i can't just have this wonderful memory of my wedding..!

pic credit: OSEM

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