Thursday, September 8, 2011

OMG....My MUA...!

Make up was done by Salima on both solemnization and also reception on the next day....i adore her job seriously......really appreciate her work and skill to enhance my feature,i have uneven face, hard to explain but people near me know well when they look at me especially when i'm on hijab....hmmm thus for me she did well.....i love it so much especially on the solemnization nite....yeayyy.....she is from Malaca you see, i get her down to north just to color my face with no budget sister said i'm super cautious with the make-up thinggy for the big day...i replied yes i did because i know my face too well, silap conteng jadik pondan....sian laki haku kang bersanding dengan perempuan jadian ....ehehe....sorry didn't mean to say bad on anyone.....
I didn't go for trial first...i just directly booked her ..... i just have a confident it will turn out drop to her page to view more awesome piccas....! i highly recommended her.....!!!

I guess most of the make up that she use is MAC as well as for the brushes....which is really important for me, the brushes really help to spread the best coverage make up and you will feel the smooth and fine touch on your face while the MUA doing her job, no tear causes by the harsh brush during my make-up session...unlike during my last engagement make-up.....hishh..!

It definitely long lasting peeps...until your camera's battery run out, still the foundation stay put and not turn out to be cakey....i'm loving it.....kebetulan i x boleh sembahyang during my big day so mmg sayang nak buang sehelai muka baru i ni tau....! i just wish i could attend one of her make up class.....really gonna go one day...!

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