Saturday, April 30, 2011

Of Royal Wedding

Of royal of century or what not.....these days as people always talk about Will and Kate wedding .... talking about her family background .... her history ...the on and off love relationship that they had before ... i just don't give a damn of all that coz maybe they are just too far .... even from heart...hehe

But we as we talk about te royal wedding i am looking forward to check out the wedding dress, i love it....simple and ivory ... it just enough to excite me to try mine....i'm only able to try it by next 2 weeks, thus 2 weeks of sleepless and nervous nite and day that i have to go through, and yes we suppose to go and try my solemnization dress this week but mR.Z has to abide the nature of his work, required him to be an owl for this 2 consecutive nite, which tear my heart to touch my solemnization dress on this monday as per planned....sigh

So we change the plan, hence next 2 weeks i hope i really can touch,dancing or what not with my solemnization and wedding dress, i just can't wait.....!!! i miss to touch, to smell the fabric....i want to indulge in my wedding dress....!!! ok ni dah mcm kena sampuk sbb tgk wedding puteri britian nih...huhu

have a nice weekend everyone n happy labor day....i am alone at home =( what a sad...

Yesterday is mR.Z b'day and we dont even can see each other....kijam!!!

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