Monday, April 25, 2011

Of Most Important of Bottom Part

Salam semua ... hmmm sy dalam di lema...tidak dpt membuat keputusan yang ideal...bertanya kepada sang buah hati jugak tidak memberi kata putus ... i'm once a shuz lover, sewaktu belajar di matrik dulu i have the fullest shuz on the rack among the frenz and the longest shuz arrange outside of the room, some cheap from a street some a STD girly Vinci or Nose pattern, but the point is i adore shuz....

Thus for my wedding i have this dilemma....should my wedding shuz be in HOT PINK or pure WHITE? i can' decide, the reason why pink is in the list because i will wear white and imagine to wear a hot pink heel plus hot pink hand bouquet, but at a same time white is more practical, i mean in future, i may pair it with any other dress for other frenz wedding....haishhh it turn me crazy thinking this thing ... i want my shuz to be perfect, it may be under the feet but it is my feet ok...haha

Lovely: by Qudyn


So which one peeps! me...?!


~ NANA ~ said...

yg qudyn tu cantek sgt

rubyroondy said...

ciktun, baik ko amek yg putih. sbb hot pink dh bunga. nnt org mesti tgk bunga. x tgk kasut. just my 2 cents. ^_^

brid3ofkayangan said...

Nana -- Cantekkan...i adore sgt....and i love the pattern...peep toe is a must....=)

Ruby -- haha....pandai ko cik ruby...ya maybe putih kot....tgk hasilnya nanti...haha