Saturday, March 10, 2012

Extraordinary Friday...!

Owh Gosh...! it was fun tiring friday ever ... hubby and me were on leave yesterday...the agenda started from 9.30am, we went to roti canai stall for breakfast, how i love the gravy...yumm yumm...god know how it taste, i would recommend to my sistas when they come in here, we love jalan2 cari makan....biasalah adik beradik montel...tehee!...

 Then we went to bring this home with us ....which i love the most...

After that we went for follow up check-up...well you know about my DnC last month, seem everything went well and i'm preparing for ermmm...2nd trial i would say...huhu...pray for us darls...sementara tunggu hubby pergi solat jumaat berdekatan and since the doc having a break until 2, hubby drop me at mall and me alone sempat grab yang berikut...hehe

 I get myself super soft sateen tops and beautiful knitwear with pearl on give a vintage and girlie touch... owh what not to love about everything are super cheap...i just can't stand to try more tops but time is too jealous....hehe ... hubby came and pick me up for check-up appointment....wish i have more time to spend for 'me' time...!

But after the check up hubby wanted to go to the mall again, being an over spender wifey for that day i remain calm and did not buy anything...padahal dalam hati...saya mahuuu..! Since tak senang duduk sebab x shopping kan, beli jugak red velvet yang super yummy ... now i know where to get delicious red velvet at this area....sedapppp

And the day not ended yet, reached home around 5pm, and get ready for next agenda, the most exciting time that bring our childhood memories, we'll get back on this sweet story soon..! enjoy your weekend folks...teaser...!

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