Thursday, October 14, 2010

Owh so Random and Regret ... T__T

Hi sayangness ... i have a mix feeling rite now ... i am happy to wait 12am tonite but at the same feeling awkward too .... and yes sy sedang merajuk dgn mR.Z ... small cat n dog argument which made me eventually hang up the phone and went lazily to wash up from head to toe .... haih i hate when we had an argument .... eventho sooner or later i know it good to have percakaran dalam hubungan .... but i just wish it doesn't has to be tonite ... coz it suppose to be my day in a few hour ....

I'll just call him later ... hope he is in the good mood ... bergaduh mcm mana pun hanya dia yang kita syg kan .... hmmm tukar topik plak lah .... kenapa tiba2 i story kesah rumah tangga dekat blog yg x berapa nak private ni ... kenkadang org boleh salah anggap pulak niat kita kan .... yes the topic is about tomorrow ... i'll tell you later what it is but believe me i'm torn to pick which attire to be put on ... haaah i just can't wait tomorrow. ...

Ok next topic kesah ke Bandung pada minggu yang lalu .... i've regret 1 thing ... i didn't manage to browse the kartu undangan di sana walhal that is one of my list of a must do in Bandung ... we even brought a card contoh yang di tempah di Bandung .... mR.Z received that beautiful card from his frenz whom getting married in 2 weeks from now .... owh menyesal sy.... dlm hati berkira2 mahu ke bandung sekali lagi before our W-day .... hah mmg tingin sungguh nak buat kad di sana ... they are so pretty and hard not to resist ... maybe it just not mean for me .... =(

Selamat malam semua ... x sabar menanti esok...i love Friday ...!!! hehe

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