Monday, February 28, 2011

Everything You Dream Of...But Never Can Possess...!

I want all and i want the best but nothing as what it's seem ... in the end harus ukur duit di buku bank sendiri .... i have to menabung dengan ketat walau bulan2 terakhir menjelma.... it's just 108 days before our big day ... it keep me suffocate to glance at the ticker ... owh gosh i've so many things to cut and be redha to be honest... perfect wedding dream cause too much hardwork and spending ...

Let see my booking list when my biggy day reaching less than 110days ....

Her Solemnization Dress - To pay deposit.
His Solemnization Baju - Deposit paid.
Solemnization Make-up - Deposit paid.

Her Reception Dress - Deposit paid.
His Reception Baju - Deposit paid.
Reception Make-up -Deposit paid.

His Side Reception Dress - Paid.
His Side Reception Baju -Deposit paid.

OV - Deposit paid.
Solemnization OP - Deposit paid.
Her Reception OP -Booked.To pay deposit.

Her Ring - Paid.

Her Wedding Card - Deposit paid.

Pre Wedding OP -Deposit paid.

Her Reception Pelamin - Deposit paid.

ohhooiiii byk lagi x settle .... rasa nak pengsan ....doorgift is my biggest problem rite now...what am i suppose to give regardless of food ... ??

My 2nd biggest problem is me myself ... cuba tgk pic kat bawah ... i'm so damn fat ...owh goshhh ... last minute crash diet blend together with the stress of limited time to organize my wedding is the best combi of my headache rite now ... pray for my health dear ... ! coz i need it the most rite now ... =)

Ok tata~ ... i need to do sit up...aja aja fighting..!

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