Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sebutir Diamond Di Jari Manis

Hi sayangness sekelian ... i've been extremely hectic these days until i've to ignore this wedding dairy for a while ... my colleague been on a vacation thus i have to cover his job as well as mine, so many tasks required to be settle promptly using this lil' brain to work out on all issues... enuff with working stuff here...

I've been wanting to acknowledge all my readers ...*if have any* bout this.... regarding the W-DAY RING... a diamond that suppose to be every girls dream ... hehe i've got MINE... which make my adrenaline pumping high and low everytime i've tried it on my chubby finger ... hoho ...Alhamdullilah mR.Z bought the one in a million diamond that i heart so much ... it obviously non avant garde one but i just love it ... thanks to mR.Z ... actually we have a funny story behind the ring hunting session and during the booking ... kalo ingt blk owhhh blushing muka mak enon yg x berapa nak putih nih ... malu dekat SA boutique tuh...

And now it is my task to hunting for for his ring ... i don't have much idea on a man ring ... seem i have to study hard bout it now.... !

Blum pun habis ciwi pasal cincin tunang dah dpt tgk plak cincin kahwen .... hati berdendang mcm tgh main mercun jek setiap hari... hehe

quote of the day - i love my engagement ring -will love more the w-day ring i suppose- =)

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