Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Been urged by nurse at klinik kesihatan to go to see doc at bigger klinik kesihatan yang ada doc coz a little overweight while the i have no diabetes and no high blood pressure after few test done before...no nothing....after waiting for 3 hours only can see the doc and she said nothing...just a silent treatment....end up nurse said that 'go to ur normal check up at klinik kesihatan as per scheduled' ....that's it... So that 3 hours wasted with no advise or conclusion whatsoever.....! Apakah?????!!!!

Frust ok frust....apa yang derang nak sebenarnya.....selak page buku merah tu sana sini without saying anything pastu suh p check mcm biasa next week...yang smlm beria2 suh p jmpa doc ckp bahaya itu ini then the doc said nothing....i do not bother to ask coz i wanted to hear the doc opinion....arggghhh... Doc tgk2 ja x ckp apa pun...x suh diet or whatever pun...doc pun x da benda nk advise agaknya....adakah ini procedure that klinik kesihatan kena refer doc kalo issue mcm ni walhal doc x da nak advise apa2 pun...

Sebenarnya wajibkah ibu mengandung check up dekat klinik kesihatan nih??!! Dan kenapa x semua klinik kesihatan ada doc datang check..dan ibu2 kena go to bigger klinik kesihatan which is on other date and time which mean kena ambik cuti lagi dan tunggu lama2 tanpa apa2 input... I'm going crazy....!

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