Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Polka DOt Fever

Do you also love polka dot.... i'm super love the dot now.... i've bought few pieces and continuously looking to buy any kain pasang to make baju kurung or any blouse with the dot design.... i find the dot is so chic and give a vintage touch.

nampak tak dot tuhh? comel ok

Baju raya also in the dot...

My fren going to Bandung in few weeks from now, guess what kind of bundle that i've ordered thru her...hehe...mmg sgt2 tgh suka mom ckp dah x da corak lain kah nak pakai....bulat2 ja....hehe... nak wat cam na kalo dah suka tuh....What your fever now peeps?


Meey@ said...

hi dear!!i jual kain cotton polkadot also!feel free to add my online shop a=in FB-Asal Benang Jadi Kain..jom cuci mata..hehe;)

brid3ofkayangan said...

tq darling....will hop to ur online shop for sure....=)