Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Macam Ni Rupa2nya...!!!

I love working at my new company even i did comment about the crazy working time, till no sun and the darkest nite being my best fren when i'm going home everyday but truly i'm feeling contented with what i'm doing now....after few years working in previous job i'm feeling bloated...sick of finding the solution with not enough knowledges and don't even have enough time to learn new knowledge in a short time, but still you have to propose and execute the solution....that's the nature...it is a fast pace environment which i'm proud to be involved but the more important thing is me myself actually....i had a problem....i'm more on language side person...i did scored Bahasa and History well and don't have to put much effort compared to calculation subject ... and Physic well it is too shame to jot down here but i've chosen this path when i was studying thus i end up in this industries......well i'm thanks enough to God actually coz at least i know this is what i'm capable to do with my language art brain....huh....!

Well you see i've move to new job now and it is still in engineering field but less complicated but too little that i know people are much more complicated to handle compared to machine or technologies...this is the most strongest reason why i miss my old company..... i can accept any less facility provided by this new company...i heard French is more cheapskate among European..not sure tho...but the PEOPLE....the VENDOR...they drive me headache every single second...i breath with a stuffy chest when seeing the result especially from the vendor....they tend to send a wrong equipment that i've ordered from what i've been explain like thousand times....and they dare to blame me on the shabby pemalas punya hasil kerja derang.....gosh i never met this kind of people....jgn ckp aku racism plak pas ni coz this is a true story...they are a Malay claimed as talented company in fabrication....gosh only God know which level of hell i've been into every single days.....! i wish them best of luck in their next business...!!!

I've remembered one incident last week when one of their boss called me up, and ko tau dia ckp "cik x puas hati apa lagi....budak2 sy dah OT kat kilang cik sampai tgh malam still cik call ckp x puas hati itu ini....sy terkilan la sbb kita byr derang OT tapi still x meet cik punya requirment...!" i was like kenapa orang ini sgt bahalol....!!!!!! "if happen you send me the correct equipment as per we agreed in your drawing then it's fine for me.....Encik Fxxxxxxx x patut ckp pasal kena suruh budak2 Encik OT whatnot sy yang tercongok tunggu derang siapkan kerja kat kilang sy sampai pukul 3 pagi....x da sesen pun OT tau dak.....kalo sy kena buang kerja sapa nak bagi makan nasik......ha????" ok i'm shouted at him from professional to emotional especially part kena buang kerja tuh and sapa nak kasik makan nasik.....!!!! ko ada jah tanya orang x kenal sapa nak kasi mkn nasik kalo kena buang kerja...?!!!! blame him on stupid complained and the stupid OT...i can't bare to deal with stupid people who open up a company just to get easy money from customers.....pls la bersungguh2 sket...we not pay them small money you know...we pay high to get precise and functional thing to use.....we not a play dough set up company to play hard to get with them....goshhhh life is unpredictable but i guess God knows better ...maybe i;m a right person can handle this that is why i'm been accepted to work at this company.....think positive and NEVER STOP THINKING (my former company tagline) positive...! 

Happy Tuesday peeps....! pray for my success...!

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