Friday, January 7, 2011

It is not a Good Start for 2011

I've been lazy bump to update my blog lately ... ya it is sure tough for the book writer to keep up their good story for the reader all the times ... even a part time bloggers like me need some break time ... i've yet not crack much idea lately to be posted here ... yes i didn't update much on wedding tho .... coz my heart just struck with complicated-ness right now ... i won't tell here coz it just a deeper thought that me myself still try to figure it out .... i've just lost my appetite, lost my interest, lost my shopping madness ... hmmm

Regarding the wedding ... so far i could say some are on track and some already slip from the actual plan ... me and mR.Z need to revise few things .... i just feeling humble-ly happy coz he is there to support my wedding dream ... i just can't thanks enough for him to understand the childish desire of my heart .. thanks so much mR.Z ...

I'll be back with more wedding thingy ... there is progress in here and there by the way ... ya it is 160 days before our big day ... i just want it to be happen beautifully ...


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